Teambuilding activities

We design great workshops and communication games tailored exactly to your team-building needs. And we're happy to take you through the entire event as mentors.

Most common topics 

Our main areas of focus for teambuildings are

  • Value orientation of the company, teams, and people 
  • Team collaboration
  • (Self)discovery through communication games
  • Reflective models and self-reflection
  • Building a growth mind-set

What is our role at the event?

We design activities for your teambuilding to meet its purpose. Our games and workshops are not a mix of boring activities. We try to make them active and dynamic, working with what we learn about your people and teams beforehand! We need to know more than the theme from the client – we ask what they want to achieve at the event, what the activities are designed to achieve, what kind of people (character-wise and work-wise) will attend, etc.

We work actively with the atmosphere and dynamics of the event, guiding the participants through an activity or the whole teambuilding.

Throughout the Czech Republic and abroad 

We will be happy to travel to you and your team anywhere, not only in the Czech Republic. If we manage to coordinate our calendars, we can also make a longer trip abroad. 

For a few hours or even whole days

Our participation in your teambuilding can be limited to the time needed for the activity.

However, if you want to organize more activities for your people and don't want to overwhelm them, then it's a good idea to split them up - sometimes over the course of several days. Even in such a case, you can count on us, we just need to make arrangements well in advance to book the date.

In Czech and English

We do the activities in Czech, but we can deliver the same quality in English.


If you are organizing international teambuilding events where people or entire teams will meet and everything will be in English, we will be happy to coordinate everything in English with you or your international colleagues.

Our Teambuilding Specialists

Šimon Steffal

Simon can lead nearly any kind of teambuilding but mainly focuses on topics around communication and mindset. He conducts great activities and as an experienced mentor, and he enriches them with his know-how. 

Simon studied Psychology at UNYP as well as International Relations and Diplomacy at the Anglo-American University. He is an accredited mentor, a member of the EMCC, and he works tirelessly on self-development. His many years of experience in various organizations and his psychology background allow him to provide deep insights into a wide variety of situations – he knows that everything stems from company culture and that communication is the key to long-term success as it improves team dynamics, self-management, and accountability. He also understands the principals of leadership, and the strategies for developing individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Accredited Mentor
Education Program of the Ministry of Education

17+ years of experience in business
Processes and mentoring

Member of EMCC

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