Workshops & Webinars

We help you find the path to great communication in your team or organization. We'll show you how to give feedback clearly and properly and find better ways to collaborate.

Who it is for

For leaders, managers, team leaders, but also for teams as a whole. For anyone who leads people or whole teams and gives them feedback. For anyone who wants to be able to ask the right questions and get along with their people, who wants to be able to communicate empathetically and respectfully.

Do you struggle with communication in your team or organization? Are you unable to give each other feedback clearly and properly? Are you looking for better ways to collaborate? 

Change it.

Topics we really understand

Our workshops and webinars cover key topical issues:

  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • How to ask better questions or the "investigative mindset"

  • Presenting through storytelling

  • Preventing and de-escalating conflict

  • Respectful and empathetic communication

  • Shared vision & growth mindset

  • Remote teams and how to lead them

  • Coaching (not only) for managers

  • Delegation and setting up the cooperation

We can do all workshops and webinars in a half-day or a full-day form, ONLINE or OFFLINE.

Workshop or webinar?

Which form to choose? It's always more ideal to meet in person, it allows for much more than just experience and advice to be passed on. When you meet in person, the atmosphere, the dynamics of the dialogues, etc. play a role as well. Therefore, if possible, we recommend the workshop format. 

However, if you are in different locations, or there are too many of you to meet in person (more than 10 people), or you simply prefer online meetings, we make webinars in a dynamic, interesting, and technically professional way.

What can you expect from us?

Professionally executed workshops led by great mentors and coaches are a given.

However, what makes our approach specific is that we are going to want to meet you or at least have a call with you before each workshop - that is done in order for us to be able to prepare everything exactly according to your needs. Every leader and manager is different, every company operates in its own way. And we can work with that.

It doesn't end with the workshop

Our workshops and webinars include the so-called “retention model”. It sounds a bit technical, but it's basically a sophisticated method of finding out what clients take away from a workshop, how they work with it, and whether they're putting the skills they've learned into practice. Our goal is not to sell you one training session and that's it. Because that's not enough - for you or for us. We need to see the real-life impact on how you work and cooperate with your colleagues. That's why we'll continue to work with you after the training, send you summarized know-how, meet you in a reflective session to talk about how you are or are not putting the skills you've learned into practice, and also work with your individual development plan. Change doesn't just happen on its own or after one session - you need to work on your development over a long period of time and regularly. Change it.

Do you have your own / different idea?

Specific situations - are you dealing with a specific communication situation? Let's discuss the details, your needs, and goals together and design a workshop specifically according to your requirements.

Do you prefer shadowing? We'll come and visit you, spend a day or two at your company and give you feedback on how you communicate at your company, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what can be easily and practically improved and where there are greater development opportunities.