ULearning Organizations

Turn your company into one that improves and educates its employees. We will make sure that your corporate learning system is well set up. And if it's not, we'll change it.

What it is

A “Learning Organization” is a concept that is the foundation of a successful and well-functioning company. A very important unit in a learning organization is the human being – an individual with a positive attitude towards self-development and a desire to educate themselves continuously. This approach emphasizes the strategic value of learning.

John Burgoyne and Tom Boydell define it as follows: "A learning organization is a company that supports the learning of all its members and that transforms itself over time based on learning."

If you're interested in the topic, we've created an e-book with our LMS platform partner Scormium called “Hrr into Learning” (written in Czech), which is available to download online, free of charge, and can be found under the button below.

How we work

Do you want to verify your corporate learning system is set up well? Or to set it up straight away?

  • We can help you analyze your existing corporate training system or set up a new one so that it works in the long term, is sustainable, delivers innovation, and is meaningful in terms of being linked to business strategy, employee motivation, and team needs. 
  • Together, we will build a library of your know-how, find and remove critical barriers to growth, and link your corporate strategic goals to the development of your people.
  • We will provide you with all the necessary ingredients for change, or we will be happy to assist you in its implementation.

Training for internal mentors

We will teach the people in your teams to develop and educate each other.

We'll help you train your people to make your internal mentoring program work from A to Z. From basic strategic pillars, know-how database, mentor selection, and methodical training, through setting up entry and exit questionnaires and the mentees' life cycle, to metrics for evaluating the impact of mentoring and determining the next steps. 

Mentoring is a great tool for spreading know-how across an organization and a unique opportunity to support the growth mindset of your people. 

We connect knowledge holders with those who are eager to develop themselves. By doing so, we cultivate a culture of sharing and create space for growth.

Our goal is to build a quality platform for sharing and developing your people that will then be completely self-sustaining and have a positive impact on the skills of your talented team members.

So we only intervene at the beginning, train your team, and review and set up processes. And then you continue to operate within your company itself in a set program. 

A great free e-book

If you're interested in the topic, we've created an e-book with our LMS platform partners Scormium called “Hrr into Learning, or How to Start the Domino Effect of a Learning Organization” (written in Czech). Specifically, Simon Steffal collaborated on it and you can look forward to the the following topics:

  • What is meaningful employee learning and how to do it?
  • Become a talent magnet.
  • You have the basics. Time for strategy.
  • Know what's next, so it doesn't fall on your head.

It's all available to download online, for free, and can be found under the button below.

Our Learning Organization Specialist

Šimon Steffal

Simon studied Psychology at UNYP as well as International Relations and Diplomacy at the Anglo-American University. He is an accredited mentor, a member of the EMCC, and he works tirelessly on self-development. His many years of experience in various organizations and his psychology background allow him to provide deep insights into a wide variety of situations – he knows that everything stems from company culture and that communication is the key to long-term success as it improves team dynamics, self-management, and accountability. He also understands the principals of leadership, and the strategies for developing individuals, teams, and organizations. Finally, Simon is proud to be the founder and one of the owners of Mindset Mentors.

Accredited Mentor
Education Program of the Ministry of Education

17+ years of experience in business
Process setup, mentoring and facilitation

Member of EMCC

Change it.