The essence of coaching is asking well-formed questions, leading to the development of your potential, and abilities, and finding your own solution in a difficult situation.

What it is for

We develop individuals, leaders, and their employees on the path to success. One effective tool for your development and long-term change is coaching. Whether it's corporate values, team communication, personal life, or employee motivation - we help you find clarity, simplicity, and satisfaction. 

We focus on the corporate environment, particularly in the following areas

  • Better performance
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Who it is for

Anyone who can be honest with themselves, and is driven to work on themselves and take responsibility for their actions.

In the field of leadership, coaching is an effective and developmental tool for showing people the way forward.

Where it will lead you  

You will replace your ingrained dysfunctional habits with new ones that will be of real use in your life. 

You will foster confidence in your own abilities and responsibility for your actions. 

And not only that. From our collaboration, you will get out as much as you put in, in terms of the degree of your willingness to work on yourself and your courage to be a better person/leader/manager, etc.

What is and isn't coaching 

  • Coaching is focused on the future and fulfilling your intentions.

  • It uses a clearly structured conversation that leads to a set goal. 

  • Coaching seeks to further develop and deepen your ability to learn from your own experience.

  • It is not an instant solution to a complex problem. 

  • It is not about pouring your heart out or a long-winded discussion that goes nowhere. 

  • It is not an exploration of the causes of a problem in the past.

What you can expect from us

In coaching, we do not advise the client or share our own experiences. We guide the client to find their own answers through structured conversation and well-timed questions. 

Our certified coach and mentor Gabriela will guide you through the entire process. She always inspires people to adopt a different perspective. She keeps the focus on the core of the puzzle. She will support you when you lose motivation, and when you slack-off she will firmly nudge you back on track.