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We are interested in your specific needs, based on which we will prepare a custom-made education plan for you. We will make sure that you feel great in all situations requiring communication in the English language - whether these are meetings, emails, phone calls, or public speeches.  

Šimon Steffal Mindset Mentors

Šimon Steffal
Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Simon has been working in the field of education since 2006. He started as a language teacher and later became a senior teacher supervisor. Over time, he became a trainer of soft skills. Since 2018, he has been a mentor in communication. Thanks to his passion for learning and rich work experience, he founded Mindset Mentors in 2019. He is responsible for vision and strategy. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Empire State College and a Master's Degree in International Relations from AAU.

Sara Tirrito Mindset Mentors

Sara Tirrito
Lead Mentor

Sara has been teaching English to adults since 2016 when she moved to Prague. She started working for one of the largest language schools in the Czech Republic, where she was named Teacher of the Year in 2017 and became a Senior Teacher in 2018. She has experience supervising and training teachers, as well as developing specialized courses. Sara is originally from Texas, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Baylor University.

Jakub Hankiewicz Mindset Mentors

Laura Gilbert

Laura has been working in education since 2006. She worked in one of the Czech Republic's largest language schools, starting as a teacher and progressing to senior teacher, and then teaching team manager. She has experience training teachers, leading specialised courses, working with VIP clients, and managing and leading a team. She is originally from the UK and after over a decade living in Prague is now based in the UK again where she works in the field of interpreting and translation.

Jakub Hankiewicz

Jakub has been working in language education since 2009. He has taught language not only in the Czech Republic but also in South America. In recent years, in addition to English and Czech courses, he has also been involved in the production and implementation of workshops and seminars for beginners and experienced teachers, as well as the production of materials for specialized courses. Apart from working at Mindset Mentors and finishing his research in modern lyrics, he is also studying at Učitel naživo and works within a team that is preparing to launch a Montessori secondary school.

Gabriela Gargošová
Language Guide

Gabriela has been in contact with English since she was a little girl. She learned the language in classes and by natural intake, mainly from movies, music, and conversations with people from all over the world. She is an example that an outstanding and natural level of English can be acquired even in the conditions of one's native country. Gabriela sees language teaching as a complex process that involves more than just the material discussed. Therefore, she focuses on removing fear and mental blocks and helps clients to work effectively with what they already know. 

Renáta Rápová
Office Manager

Rena is in charge of taming processes and all sorts of tasks in our team so that others can focus entirely on work for our clients and product development. She is agile administrative support as she takes care of our cloud space, communicates with various parties, and handles billing. She is the Lead Mentor's right hand. She graduated from secondary industrial school with a degree in administration, has worked primarily in retail, and is a mum of two.

Anna Horniecka Mindset Mentors

Anna Horniecka
Graphic Designer

Anna is an enthusiast of graphic design and illustration. Her job is to give good ideas the right style to stand out and target the right customers. She believes that good design must please the eye but also clearly communicate all the necessary information. She likes to enrich her projects with her own illustrations. She has been working as a freelance graphic artist since 2013 and, in addition to design and illustrations, she is also into wall paintings and is the author of a large-format mosaic in the Hostivar mini-brewery in Prague. Anna is responsible for all graphics at Mindset Mentors.

Petra Sobotková Mindset Mentors

Petra Sobotková
Brand Queen

Petra has been working in marketing since 2009. Marketing was at first a job on the side while she was studying English and French at the Faculty of Education at Charles University, but it immediately became her passion. That is why she eventually graduated with a degree in media and communication studies and devotes herself fully to marketing and PR. Petra enjoys working on both above-the-line (TV, radio, online banners, etc.) and below-the-line (PR, sales support, direct mailing, viral videos, etc.) communication, she loves clean design, good PR, and when campaigns work well. She is involved in brand building, company & web presentation and communication.

Místo pro vás v Mindset Mentors

Dylan Stringer 
Support Mentor

Dylan is from Portland, Oregon and he studied English Literature. He started to teach writing in 2014 at his college’s writing center. Here, he fostered a love for helping others discover the clarity of a well-crafted sentence and the impact of a well-chosen word. Since then, he has worked in several industries -- customer service, banking, tourism, and technology -- but he continues to return to teaching for the unmatched rewards of helping people learn. He has been teaching English in the Czech Republic since 2018. Apart from teaching English, Dylan is also a Tour Guide who adores the wild stories and fascinating history of Prague. Dylan spends his free time playing music, watching films, reading literature, or chatting about all three.

Nikola Konvalinová

Nikola has been teaching English to adults since 2005, when she started her studies in English language and literature at Masaryk university. After the studies she worked in HR departments of a number of international companies, mainly as a recruiter or training and development specialist. Thanks to her experience in HR, Nikola can orientate herself quickly in the client’s work and give advice in a wide range of communicative situations. She is also interested in learning design and facilitating. Nikola is a mum of three.

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