The purpose is to achieve the goal of the communication effectively while keeping the participants satisfied. We will guide you through the entire process - in a correct, professional, and pleasant way.

When to use facilitation?

It is suitable for all types of work meetings, consultations, agile or project management, and remote management. It is also suitable for specific meetings (strategic, creative, decision-making, training, mentoring, engagement or employee, community, and public participation).

What a facilitator does

A facilitator is a person who prepares the flow of a meeting and then guides it from start to finish.  (If there are a large number of participants, we use a team of co-facilitators.)

A facilitator:

  • Structures and guides the process concerning the situation and time

  • Involves all participants equally in the discussion

  • Promotes trust, openness, and the sharing of opinions

  • Brings a digressive discussion back to the topic and objective

  • Helps clarify unintelligible content

  • Prevents conflicts or resolves them promptly

What it can do for you  

Our facilitator will help you with:

  • Achieving your goal
  • Staying on schedule while keeping all participants happy
  • Finding a common creative solution
  • Involving the whole group, team, community
  • Creating trust
  • Strengthening relationships within the team, company, or group

When is it not a good fit?

  • To present a final solution that is not to be changed

  • In a crisis situation that needs to be resolved immediately

How it's done

For each client, we prepare facilitation according to their requirements and needs. But we can name a few common elements:

  • The most important part for us is the preparation of the meeting; the definition of the purpose, roles, and content.

  • The rules of the game need to be set.

  • We design the process of the meeting.

  • We work with group dynamics.

  • We try to prevent and resolve difficult situations.

  • This includes situating, instructing, paraphrasing, and recapitulating .

  • We often use recording and visualization.

  • We work within your time constraints.

Who our facilitators are

Šimon Steffal

Simon studied Psychology at UNYP as well as International Relations and Diplomacy at the Anglo-American University. He is an accredited mentor, a member of the EMCC, and he works tirelessly on self-development. His many years of experience in various organizations and his psychology background allow him to provide deep insights into a wide variety of situations – he knows that everything stems from company culture and that communication is the key to long-term success as it improves team dynamics, self-management, and accountability. He also understands the principals of leadership, and the strategies for developing individuals, teams, and organizations. Finally, Simon is proud to be the founder and one of the owners of Mindset Mentors.

Accredited Mentor
Education Program of the Ministry of Education

17+ years of experience in business
Process setup, mentoring and facilitationon

EMCC Member

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