We develop your competencies in areas of communication, mindset, self-management, and leadership. Whether you are a leader, CEO or business owner, or simply want to be able to communicate well, our mentoring program can help.

Who it is for

Ideally for leaders, business owners, managers, team leaders, and anyone who talks to people. But we have also worked for personalities in the political or non-profit sphere.

What you will improve at

We're ready to help you with the following topics, or anything that's currently standing in the way of your success:

  • Working with emotions in communication

  • Conflict prevention and de-escalation

  • Assertiveness and respectful communication

  • Overcoming blocks and building a growth mind-set

  • Increasing accountability across the organization

  • Developing the self-management of team members

  • Giving developmental feedback and appreciation

  • Delegating and communicating expectations as a leader

Where it will take you 

You'll move forward in your leadership skills – you will communicate better, more clearly, and confidently.

Thanks to specific and regular feedback, you'll be able to see where there's room for improvement and how to achieve it.

At the end of our collaboration, we are going to evaluate your goals together and prepare a plan for how you can continue to work on your development without us.

We will also be happy to prepare a clear report and attach a follow-up offer of services in case you decide to continue working on your development with us.

So what exactly should you expect? 

Firstly, we'll meet, ideally in person (or online) and discuss your needs and ideas in detail for what you want to improve.

We'll prepare a proposal, over which we'll meet again to iron out any remaining ambiguities and set up a plan of our cooperation.  

On average, we spend 3-6 months with a client and meet once every 14 days for 1 to 1.5 hours.

After each session, you will be provided with a written record of it. Your participation in the form of practical exercises and bringing the discussed topics into reality will be required.

What exactly is mentoring 

The essence of mentoring is the mentors’ sharing of deep insights into any matters you discuss.

The sharing of the mentor’s own experiences and advice serves as a possible inspiration for the client to find their own path. In this way, the mentor is a source of know-how, offers a palette of possible solutions, holds up a mirror and is able to ask the right questions and give constructive feedback.

The mentor is a partner in the client's journey towards new knowledge and skills. However, the responsibility for the way forward lies primarily with the mentee, i.e. the client, not the mentor. 

"Tell him everything you know." Odysseus asked of his friend, Mentor, as he left for the Trojan War, unwilling to leave his son Telemachus' education to chance.