Language mentoring

We develop your communicative competences in English with a team of professional mentors.

What you will get from cooperation with us 

With each client, we set a clear goal or multiple goals that we will help you achieve.

  • You will know exactly where you stand linguistically in pre-defined situations (leading meetings, argumentation, presenting, crisis communication, or any other situation).
  • We prepare a plan to achieve maximal improvement.
  • Over the course of the mentoring sessions, we continuously discuss your progress with you and adjust the plan. 
  • At the end of our collaboration, we sit down together and evaluate what goals we have achieved and how you can continue to work on your development (even without us).
  • We provide you with a clear report with all our recommendations in detail.

We are also happy to attach a follow-up offer of services in case you decide to continue working on your development with us.

How it works, exactly 

Our language mentoring is built on simple, functional principles:

  • Daily contact, ideally, for 1-4 months
  • Use of multiple communication channels
  • Setting specific and measurable goals
  • Working with a team of 2-4 mentors

First, we meet in person (or online - depending on your preference), and already in English, we discuss your needs and ideas in detail.

We will then prepare a proposal for you, including key objectives. Together we will approve it or adjust it as required.

We will show you the tools we use and go over everything with you, step by step.

Finally, we'll introduce you to your mentoring team, schedule your first meeting dates, roll up our sleeves, and get to work on your development.

Do you have specific requirements?

Specific situations - are you dealing with a specific communication situation? Let's discuss the details, your needs, and goals together and design a mentoring program specifically according to your requirements.

Our language mentors

Gabriela Gargošová

Gabriela has been in contact with English from an early age. She learned the language in courses and by natural perception, mainly from films, music, and through conversations with people from all over the world. She is proof that very good and natural English can be acquired even in the conditions of her native country. She started teaching in 2017. She sees language teaching as a complex process that involves more than just the discussed topics. That's why she focuses on removing fear and mental blocks and teaches students to work effectively with what they already know. 

5+ years of experience
with teaching English 

Experience in a business environment
teaching, language audit, conversation

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