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"I would like to recommend the services of Mindset Mentors company. I really enjoyed their mentoring concept focusing rather on specific communication goals, rather than just improving language skills. We worked together on several presentations including a pitch deck, company business plan with the usage of proceeds, and monetization models. I feel much more self-confident in terms of communication with English-speaking business partners after months spent coworking with Simon and his brave team of mentors.“


Tomáš Zajíček
Co-founder, PromethistAI

"Mindset Mentors were able to immediately understand my assignment and then make it actually functional. Right from the start, they were surprisingly capable of understanding my needs and designed a plan that impressed me. The subsequent sessions exceeded my expectations and taught me much more than I had initially hoped for. I became better in general and it was purposeful, completely independent of the results of the specific business matters I originally requested mentoring for. My utmost respect and compliments, I will miss those sessions, they are not only professionals but also very cool people."

Petr Zahradník
CEO, Qminers

"Language mentoring with Simon has been one of the most effective forms of English teaching I have ever had. In the beginning, we set a clear and specific goal of where I wanted to get to with my English and by when, and then Simon regularly gave me constructive feedback on my progress and learning process. He was able to effectively guide and motivate me in learning English regularly. I greatly appreciate Simon's systematic approach, preparedness, and lots of great advice for effective language learning. Thanks to him, my conversational skills and confidence in English have improved significantly."

Lubomíra Pišťáková
HR Development Project Specialist,
MONETA Money Bank

"I was looking for a way to learn English at an advanced age to a level which would enable me to present our project to investors. I had started to learn English a few times before, but I found the standard procedures unmotivating. When I heard from Mindset Mentors, I was skeptical. But already after the first conversation, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have to say it was great. The combination of an intensive, individual, and personalized approach along with the nice people (they had 3 of them take care of me and I feel a bit sorry for them because I am definitely not very easy to teach) kicked me up by two levels. And the best part was that we really worked on what I needed. Our products, our problems, our topics. For me, they are absolute aces!"

Jana Trdá
Co-founder, VR Life

"I work for an international company where English is one of the communication languages. As an intermediate English user, I was looking for a partner to help me improve my ability to communicate with my colleagues more effectively. Thanks to the collaboration with Mindset Mentors, my skill level has improved significantly. Mentors Simon and Sara paid attention not only to my fluency but also to the overall accuracy of my message. They have also helped me prepare company presentations and make my complex business emails more efficient. Their style is interactive and engaging, I look forward to each session! I can fully recommend Mindset Mentors as they have helped me become a confident, English-speaking person."

Michaela Šarapatková
Executive Manager, VTG Rail CZ

"My main goal was to improve my rhetoric, public speaking, giving feedback, and managing conflicts, typically discussion-based ones. Thanks to Simon, I not only noticed a significant improvement in all the set areas and goals, but a surprising side effect of the training was also an increase in self-confidence as such and therefore increased confidence in self-presentation. I am calmer, I go into debates with less fear, and I know what to do to maintain the level I have gained. Thanks, 6/5! :)"

Markéta Gregorová
Member of the European Parliament