Our mission is forming successful and confident people, teams and entire companies. Companies where everyone gets along well and where everything works perfectly thanks to that.

About us

We aspire to be the driving force behind leaders of all types of European and global companies and organizations. To help them thrive and grow, solve communication barriers and set a constructive and purpose-driven mindset. We are an accelerator of their success in communication and thus their operations as well.

We achieve this through mentoring, consulting, coaching and communication and mindset training. We work with individuals who have the power to implement changes for a better internal setup, or are at least motivated to try to do so. We also develop entire teams and organizations. 

  • We want people to communicate more confidently, constructively, and with respect for others. 
  • We are an accelerator of their success in communication and thus their operations as well.
  • We want to develop corporate training in a way that focuses on people's natural talents and strengths.
  • We want to support specific, measurable, and meaningful growth.
  • We aim to be ambassadors of the "Learning Organization'' philosophy. We take a strategic approach to our clients' development, so that it has direct impact on their business.

Change it.

The Mindset Mentors Story

It was all invented by Simon, who started as an English teacher in 2003. He became strongly passionate about adult education and gradually worked his way through various positions. He worked as a team manager, a project manager, an internal conference organizer, a soft skills trainer, and finally found his calling in communication mentoring. Thanks to his background in psychology, working on people's and teams' development has always been close to his heart and he was constantly thinking about how to be a better guide for them on their journey forward. And so, in 2019, Mindset Mentors was born.

We are a teal company built on the principles of equal partnership with clients, mutual accountability, an emphasis on measurable learning objectives and honest, constructive feedback.