Having well-written copy that people can understand and that is technically and otherwise absolutely correct makes you memorable. And it's technical copy that we're great at.

What we can do

We specialize in copywriting technical texts in English, and thanks to the experience of our head copywriter, we can ensure top-quality texts and fast delivery, even if it requires us to learn a new vocabulary (e.g. industry- or company-specific terminology).

But we can also do marketing, sales, blog, or other copywriting of Czech and English texts. 

Who it is for

Our clients are businesses and companies mainly of technical or IT orientation. However, we are happy to prepare a sample of our work on any of your texts so that you know in advance whether you will like the result and whether it will fit your style of communication. 

How we work 

Every copywriter has a specific style. We try to work in such a way that we copy the client's communication style as closely as possible. If the job requires it, we go through their other materials and communication channels to match the final texts as closely as possible to the desired result.

We respect the specific rules of copywriting and advertising. We try to reflect the following rules in our work:

  • stylistic, spelling, and grammatical correctness
  • preserving the client's communication specifics
  • inclusion of important information
  • technical correctness (as required)
  • readability and clarity

When will we deliver? 

We try to work fast, but at the same time maintain high quality. We'll prepare a quote, meet to discuss it, iron out any remaining ambiguities, and set up a plan for collaboration.  

Try us out

If you'd like to try out our services on a specific short text before entrusting us with a whole bunch, we don't mind at all. We'll be happy to produce a short text for you, editing and adjusting it according to your requirements. 

Our writers and copywriters

Dylan Stringer

Dylan is originally from Portland and has a degree in English Literature. In 2014, he began teaching writing at his college's writing center. Here, he developed a passion for helping others discover the clarity of a well-written sentence and the impact of a well-chosen word. He has worked in several industries, such as customer service and banking. He also has experience in the IT industry and is a specialist in copywriting technical texts. He has been based in the Czech Republic since 2018. In addition, Dylan is a tour guide who loves the wild stories and fascinating history of Prague. He spends his free time playing music, watching movies, reading literature, or talking about these topics. 

Copywriter & technical copywriting specialist
Experience in IT and other fields

8+ years of experience in copywriting
with the benefit of being a native speaker

Petra Sobotková

Petra studied Czech, French, and English at Charles University in Prague. Eventually, she specialized in Marketing, Brand Strategy, and PR. She also studied Media Studies and is currently focusing on Brand Building and is one of the owners of Mindset Mentors. Czech language is her passion, she is a bit of a grammar nut and feels at home in marketing texts. 

Marketing & Brand Strategy Specialist
Experience from Czech and international companies and startups

14+ years of experience with marketing texts
Print, online, web, POS, blogs, and stories

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