Our services

We provide top-level education and mentoring services to those who desire concrete and measurable progress in their language skills. We help you overcome language pitfalls and improve your communication in English.

We are interested in your specific needs, based on which we will prepare a tailor-made education plan for you. We will make sure that you feel great in all situations requiring a high communication competence in English - whether these are meetings, emails, phone calls, or public speeches. Our team of mentors will be your reliable partners and guides - together, we will push your limits.

Jazykový mentoring

Language Mentoring

The building block of our services - Language mentoring. This is an intensive boost of your communication competence in English with a team of three mentors over a period of three months.

Education Plan

Education Consulting

You know English, but you don't know how to push yourself further? Contact us and we will find the answer together - we will advise you how to do it!                                                             



Are you expecting a difficult negotiation or presentation at an international conference? We will be happy to prepare you professionally for any situation in terms of language and communication skills.

Communicate Like a Leader

Communicate Like a Leader

For busy leaders and managers, we have prepared a set of modules in which we will go through the most important communication skills in English. This will help you to be as confident as possible in your skills and the correctness of your communication.

E-mail Clinique

E-mail Clinic 

Do you write e-mails in English to colleagues from all over the world and want to be sure that they make sense and do not contain mistakes? Our e-mail clinic is just for you - send us your e-mail, and we will check it and send it back to you with feedback.                      



You meet your mentor directly at your workplace and the mentor monitors your active and passive communication in English - you receive feedback on your communication while performing work activities.                                                                                                                          

New Job Package

New Job Package

Are you looking for a new job or are you thinking about changing your position and want to be excellently prepared? We will fine-tune your CV and LinkedIn profile with you as well as prepare you for any job interview.

Language Skills Audit

Language Skills Audit

If you are unsure of your level of English language skills, our mentors will be happy to conduct a thorough audit for you and prepare a detailed report on your competence.

Your Own Package

Your Own Package

Didn't find the service precisely for you? Do you have very specific requirements? Then let us tailor it for you so that everything exactly suits your needs and will fulfill your language goals.

Služby Mindset Mentors

Which type of service to choose?

All our services have three basic pillars:

  • high intensity of cooperation with the client

  • a short-term set-up (we work together in the range of weeks to months)

  • emphasis on creating a custom-made education plan just for you

Don't expect classic language lessons once a week. We work in accordance with the principles of effective learning. Our goal is to have the smallest possible intervals between learning, alternating intensity, and the form of education while fully respecting your busy schedule.

If you are not sure which service is suitable for you, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you, discussing your needs together, and finding the right solution to help you achieve your goals.

Role mentora

The role of a mentor

The mentor is always mainly a guide, looking for the best possible solution for the client and leading them to an active approach to their own education. Their role is similar for all services - they perform a detailed analysis, offer possible solutions, coach the client, and give them feedback.


For some services, the mentor functions primarily as a source of knowledge and, thanks to their experience, can offer suitable and effective solutions and make good recommendations for the period "after" mentoring, when they no longer work with the client (e.g. Education Consulting, Shadowing). Other services offer the active role of a mentor "guide", working hard and intensively with the client to progress and meet their language goals (Language Mentoring, Simulations).

The result of our cooperation

Each step of our cooperation with the client creates a clear goal or more goals. So you will know your level of communication competence in predefined situations and you will get a plan to achieve the ideal improvement. We will prepare everything for you so that you know how to work on your progress and how to achieve your goals. You will get continuous feedback. And if you follow the advice and plan that your mentor prepares for you, you’ll make progress.


We turn your stressful situations into manageable challenges. We will prepare you for your most demanding meetings and conferences. Together, we will manage crisis communication and your daily work agenda. Your language skills will no longer be an obstacle to professional growth but instead will open the door to it. 

Do you have a question?

We will be happy to answer any questions or meet you to discuss your needs and set up mentoring specifically for you.