New Job Package

The “New Job Package” is intended for everyone who is looking for a new job or is considering a job change. The vast majority of job vacancies today require knowledge of English at least at the "communicative level", under which the level B1 - advanced knowledge is hidden (for more detail, see the Common European Framework of Reference).

We will prepare you for any position. We also specialize in preparing for interviews for senior management positions with very specific preparation requirements (e.g. case studies, etc.).

We work with a wide range of HR professionals and we know what they usually ask when filling various positions and why. With our help, you will gain the necessary language confidence for the job you desire!


  • We will go through your CV and adjust it so that it is error-free and uses the appropriate target language.

  • We will refresh your LinkedIn profile, or we will translate your fine-tuned profile into English.

  • We will brainstorm what you could be asked at your interview and prepare a simulation that will test your communication competence. Then, you will receive feedback from us on what needs to be improved and what to focus on. 

Your mentor

We will select a mentor for you after the first consultation and assessment of your specific needs and requirements. All our mentors are top-level educators who will eagerly support you on your journey and be honest and reliable partners.


You will have an error-free and suitable CV and an improved and meaningful LinkedIn profile. You will also receive detailed feedback on your ability to handle your job interview communication-wise as well as recommendations for improvement.

Length of cooperation

The exact timeframe of the cooperation always depends on the availability and wishes of the client; it ranges from 2 to 6 hours on average, including the simulation of the interview and subsequent feedback.

Working language

Mentoring is done in English. Using the language all the time ensures you will achieve your goals faster.

Request this service

Contact us and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your language goals as well as ways to reach them efficiently.

The initial consultation is completely free of charge.

If you are not sure which service is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us.