Tým Mindset Mentors

Our story

We all started as English language teachers. Some of us taught children, some adults, and eventually, we all ended up at one of the largest language schools in the Czech Republic focused on teaching in companies. Gradually, we developed into more diverse positions and became methodologists, trainers, and project managers. But we felt there was more we could do - students who had one lesson a week simply did not improve as we would have liked. Even students with very strong motivation.


That was when Simon came up with the idea of ​​combining the three pillars of learning into one - high-intensity cooperation, a short-term set-up (working with the client in the range of weeks to months), and emphasis on the joint creation of an education plan. We know this is a new way of learning for our clients and they will require a new mindset to push their limits. That’s why we are Mindset Mentors: our students are involved every day, have strong support from us, and improve in managing their own learning.

Mindset Mentors Jazykový mentoring

What exactly do we do?

We provide top education and mentoring services to those who desire specific and measurable progress in their communication skills. We help you overcome language pitfalls and improve your speech competence.


We are interested in your needs, which will be the basis for your custom-made education plan. We will make sure that you feel great in all situations requiring the English language - whether these are meetings, emails, phone calls, or public speeches. Our team of mentors will be your reliable partners and guides - together, we push your limits.

 What is language mentoring

Language mentoring is an effective way to develop language and communication skills. It is a professional relationship between two people - a mentor and a mentee - where the mentor is an expert in language education and passes on their experience and knowledge to the mentee. The mentor's role is to be a guide in the topic and to help the mentee find the right direction for their education or methods to address their needs.

 The basic pillars of our mentoring

Intenzivní spolupráce


 High intensity of cooperation with the client

Stačí několik týdnů


 Cooperation usually takes between one and three months

Plán přímo pro vás


  An education plan created just for you